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Marcella Koenen
Noorderweg 23
9356 TG Tolbert
0594 548840


Australian, Dutch, German VDH & German Club Champion
Scotsdream Hevenly Daize

PRA / CEA (genetically) clear   \   MDR1+/-   \   HD-A
Breeders: L.Scott & R.Kelly

Daizie came to Holland and was supposed to go back together with a daughter but long story short, she stayed and we are more than happy with having her here, we can not thank her breeders enough for their trust.
We are really happy with having Crazy Daizie here, she is busy all day making it very clear to our sheep, donkeys and chickens that they have to stay behind their own fences in their own fields.....

Daizie thinks showing is a very boring hobby and because of that we are very proud on what she has managed to achieve despite her efforts to not draw any attraction by showing herself off

Daizie has 3 champion daughters (1 in Australia and 2 in The Netherlands).


CH.Grandgables Zulu Warrior CH.Apple Acres Expedition CH.Apple Acres Odyssey Armani
CH.Trevanne's Dominique
CH.Grandgables Love In The Snow CH.Rikadon's Indelible
CH.Kirrimist Frosted Lace for Grandgables
CH.Hillacre Hi Upon A Dream CH.Enclave Jade Mist Tapestry CH.Jade Mist Beyond Tradition
Tapestry Harvest Treasure
CH.Hillacre Hawaiian Dream CH.Aanara Knight Move
CH.Hillacre Hylites OSarah