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Marcella Koenen
Noorderweg 23
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Dawnville Picking Daisies

PRA / CEA (genetically clear

Lily is a daughter of Daizie out of her 2nd litter in Holland. With Daizie as her mother and Bink as her father it's obvious what Lily's temperament is like .... Lily is a very busy little girl and not impressed by anyone or anything.

Lily earned her championship in 2018, she had to take a backseat untill her 2 friends (Zola and Nova finished but after that she finished quite easily

Dawnville Let's Go Kidding Them CH.Dawnville You've Gotta Be Kidding - W'10 CH.Hillacre High On Style
Dawnville Queen of Spades
CH.Dawnville Gotta Love My looks - W'11 Mohnesee Mr Palmer
CH.Dawnville All That And More CW'06
CH.Scotsdream Hevenly Daize CH.Grandgables Zulu Warrior CH.Apple Acres Expedition
CH.Grandgables Love In The Snow
CH.Hillacre High Upon A Dream CH.Enclave Jade Mist Tapestry
CH.Hillacre Hawaiian Dream