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Marcella Koenen
Noorderweg 23
9356 TG Tolbert
0594 548840

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Dutch Champion
Slovenian Clubwinner '15, Slovenian Winner '15

Dawnville Honey I'm Home

* 07-10-2009
PRA / CEA (genetically) clear   -   MDR1+/+   -   HD-A
7x CAC / 6x CACIB / 4x BOB

Megan is the full younger sister of Spooky and is definately no less than her sister. Unfortunately when Megan was younger we lost our interest to show her due to political games in the ring and because of that it has taken a long time before Megan got what we have always believed she was worth of: her champion title!
In May 2015 we finally reached our goal and Megan became the 3rd Dutch Champion out of this combination (5 puppies all together)

Megan is a girl with a lot of drive and does everything you ask for just as fanatic.
Megan had 3 litters and gave us her very naughty but beautiful daughter Zola.

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