Did It Again of Kemaja's Forest


Eyes: CEA / PRA Vrij

MDR1: +/+ (via parents)

Hips: Too young


Born: 26-08-2013

Breeders: Th. & W.Lap
Dawnville Let's Go Kidding Them CH Dawnville You've Gotta Be Kidding CH Hillacre High On Style
Dawnville Queen of Spades
CH Dawnville Gotta Love My Looks Mohnesee Mr Palmer
CH Dawnville All That And More
Dawnville Do You Wanna Dance CH Hillacre High On Style CH Aanara Knight Move
CH Hillacre Hylites O Sarah
CH Grandgables Tri A Pose CH Grandgables Zulu Warrior
CH Winaways Strike A Pose
Zintha is the daughter of Bink and we can not thank her breeders enough for doing this combination for us. When we had a litter of her grandmother Grandgables Tri A Pose (Tempo) in 2007 we couldn't know this was to be her last litter.
Although we had kept a blue girl in the first place this puppy moved to another breeder when she was 5 months of age with the promis to have a puppy back at a later stage.
Eventually Wita did our dream combination with the littersister and so we have our long awaited Tempo daughter who as a bonus is linbred on a little dog we really admired: Hillacre High On Style.
Zintha is a slow developer and has only been shown once at an open show where she won her class being graded "Excellent".